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Oatmeal or Porridge Ideas and Tips

Breakfast ideas for baby - tips for delicious oatmeal/porridge:

Note that the only difference between plain, instant oatmeal and regular oatmeal is that the oats are sliced more thinly to help them cook quicker. However, flavoured oatmeal, on the other hand, tends to contain quite a lot of sugar and you should avoid giving it to your baby.

• Make your baby's oatmeal with milk instead of water. Ideally, use breast milk or formula - but small amounts of cow's milk can be used in cooking for your baby after 6 months of age (see introducing dairy foods for more information and discover why it is important to use whole milk in your baby's foods.)
• Do not use sugar to sweeten your baby's cereal - instead, try apple sauce, or your baby's favourite fruit purée. For older babies who can cope with lumps, try chopped fruit. The fruit you use in your baby's breakfast can be fresh, or tinned (in natural juice, not syrup). Alternatively, try adding dried fruit such as apricots, raisins or sultanas (for younger babies, try soaking sultanas first, then mashing them with a fork).
• If your baby doesn't enjoy oatmeal with fruit, then you could add a little molasses or maple syrup, but DO NOT SWEETEN ANY FOOD WITH HONEY IF YOUR BABY IS UNDER ONE YEAR OF AGE. Honey can sometimes contain botulism spores, which can be fatal for a young baby.

Food Allergies

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Breakfast ideas for baby
• Sliced fresh fruit with a natural yogurt dip
• Scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast (if your baby is under 1 year of age, serve scrambled egg yolk ONLY due to the risk of egg allergy associated with egg whites). Try adding diced avocado for a really nutritious treat.
• An alternative whole grain breakfast, with fresh fruit
• Whole wheat toast fingers with a natural yogurt dip (you can add puréed fruit to the yogurt for variety)
• Cottage cheese with fresh fruit slices
• Lightly toasted bagel pieces, topped with cream cheese
• French toast squares (after 1 year of age)
• Cheerios soaked in apple sauce, or your baby's favourite fruit purée
• Whole wheat toast with cream cheese
• Grilled cheese/cheese on toast
• Pita bread with humus (see tahini-free houmous recipe)
• Breakfast burritos with scrambled egg (yolks only before 1 year of age)
• Blueberries
• English muffins topped with cream cheese and fruit purée