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Finger Food for Baby

Easy-to-make finger food recipe ideas for your toddler.

If any of these foods are new to your baby, it is important to apply the four day rule as you introduce them. This will help you identify and prevent potential food allergies and digestive problems.

Not sure whether or not your baby is ready for finger foods? Then visit the finger food for baby - guide to getting started for some useful information and tips.

Food Allergies

No ingredients.

Cut-up pieces of banana or soft pear (firmer pears should be cooked)
Baked apple cubes
Melon cubes
Pieces of avocado (more avocado baby food ideas)
Sliced kiwi fruit

Chunks of cooked sweet potato (click here for more sweet potato ideas and recipes)
Cooked asparagus
Cut-up green beans
Small pieces of cooked broccoli
Cooked carrots, diced

Other healthy snacks
Lightly toasted bread or bagels
Scrambled egg yolks (do not include the whites before one year of age)
Bite-size pieces of cheese
Pea-size pieces of cooked chicken
Cereals, such as puffed rice
Pieces of pita bread, naan or chapatti
Tiny sandwiches, filled with soft cheese or mashed banana
Fingers of cheese on toast
Cooked pasta, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
Tofu cubes (see tofu information and recipes to learn how tofu can benefit your baby)
Rice cakes
Overcooked brown rice - it's sticky and will "clump" together
Add some extra flavour to baby's finger foods with these recipes for baby dips and spreads.

Or make your own healthy finger foods with these homemade finger food recipes.