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Banana and Raspberry Purée

It is best to buy organic bananas, as non-organic bananas are one of the most severely pesticide-treated fruits. Also ensure that the bananas are ripe: unripe bananas are indigestible for a baby’s immature digestive system.
When introducing raspberries, you may wish to push them through a nylon sieve before serving so that the pips are removed.

Makes 2 servings
Can be stored for 1 day in the fridge
Nutrition: vitamin C, potassium, energy and fibre

Food Allergies

1 banana   
raspberries (fresh), a small handful (about 25g), or to taste  

Break the banana into a food processor or blender.
Add the raspberries and whiz until smooth.
If your baby has just been weaned, cook the raspberries for a minute with a little water, then add to the banana and serve when cooled.